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Far Cry Primal Download Free catapults players back in time to the untamed landscape of the Stone Age, offering a visceral and immersive experience unlike any other in the renowned Far Cry series. Released in 2016 by Ubisoft, this installment takes a bold departure from modern settings, plunging gamers into a prehistoric world where survival is paramount. As the lone Wenja tribe survivor, players navigate through the lush and perilous land of Oros, facing fierce predators, rival tribes, and the challenges of mastering primitive weaponry. With a gripping narrative, breathtaking visuals, and a unique blend of survival instincts and visceral combat, Far Cry Primal Download Free delivers an unparalleled journey into the dawn of humanity. oceanofgames

Features of Far Cry Primal Download Free

Primal Survival Adventure

Far Cry Primal transports players to the Stone Age, immersing them in a gripping survival adventure where the struggle for survival takes center stage. With limited resources and primitive tools, players must navigate a dangerous open world filled with hostile wildlife, rival tribes, and the unpredictable elements.Primal Survival Adventure

Beast Mastery

One of the game’s distinctive features is the ability to tame and command a variety of wild beasts. From fearsome predators like sabertooth tigers to loyal companions like wolves, players can build a formidable animal army, each with unique skills to aid in hunting, combat, and exploration.

Primitive Weaponry and Crafting

Bid farewell to modern firearms, as Far Cry Primal introduces a diverse array of primitive weapons, including bows, spears, and clubs. Crafting plays a pivotal role, requiring players to gather resources from the environment to fashion tools, weapons, and equipment necessary for survival.

Dynamic Open World

Oros, the lush and expansive open-world setting, is teeming with life and danger. The dynamic day-night cycle and realistic weather conditions add depth to the gameplay, influencing both the behavior of wildlife and the strategies needed to navigate the environment.

Tribal Warfare

The Stone Age is not a peaceful era, and players must contend with rival tribes vying for dominance in Oros. Engage in intense tribal warfare, utilizing guerrilla tactics, ambushes, and strategic alliances to overcome powerful adversaries and establish the dominance of the Wenja tribe.

Rich Narrative and Characters

Far Cry Primal weaves a compelling narrative through the eyes of Takkar, the last surviving member of the Wenja tribe. Encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique stories and motivations, as you strive to unite the scattered tribes and build a new, thriving civilization.

Rich Narrative and Characters

Stunning Visuals and Atmospheric Soundtrack

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Oros, brought to life with stunning graphics and attention to detail. The game’s atmospheric soundtrack enhances the prehistoric ambiance, creating a captivating and memorable gaming experience.

System Requirements

Tested on Windows 7 64-Bit oceanofgames

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

CPU: Intel Core i3-550 | AMD Phenom II X4 955 or equivalent


Setup Size: 16.6GB

Hard Disk Space: 20GB www.oceanofgames.software 

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