Dragon Ball FighterZ Free Download

Dragon Ball FighterZ Free Download is a 2.5D fighting game that pays tribute to the iconic Dragon Ball anime and manga series. Released in 2018, the game quickly gained acclaim for its stunning graphics, faithful character representations, and accessible yet deep gameplay. It features a captivating storyline that captures the essence of the Dragon Ball universe and brings together some of the most beloved characters from the series. Oceanofgames

Game Modes:

Story Mode:

Dive into an original story created for the game, where you’ll encounter new characters and face off against a formidable new villain, Android 21. The narrative is divided into three arcs, each offering a unique perspective on the Dragon Ball story. Oceanofgames

Story Mode:

Arcade Mode:

Test your skills and face challenging AI opponents as you progress through various stages with increasing difficulty levels. Each stage features a different set of battles and challenges.

Versus Mode:

Engage in thrilling one-on-one battles against your friends or AI opponents. Dragon Ball FighterZ Oceanofgames offers a smooth and responsive combat system that makes every match feel intense and dynamic.

Online Mode:

Fight online against other gamers from across the world. Battle your way up the ranks and prove your prowess in the global Dragon Ball FighterZ community. Oceanofgames

Gameplay Features:

3v3 Battles:

Create your dream team of three Dragon Ball characters and switch between them in real-time during battles. Strategically choose your team members to complement each other’s abilities and create devastating combos.

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master:

Dragon Ball FighterZ offers accessible controls that allow newcomers to jump right in, but it also offers depth for experienced players to hone their skills and discover advanced techniques.

Spectacular Combos:

Unleash powerful combos and special moves with jaw-dropping animations that stay true to the Dragon Ball series’ trademark over-the-top battles.

Beautiful Soundtrack

Destructive Finishes:

Experience the thrill of finishing your opponents with dramatic and iconic moves, such as Goku’s Kamehameha or Vegeta’s Final Flash.

Stunning Graphics:

Dragon Ball FighterZ boasts stunning 2.5D graphics that faithfully recreate the look and feel of the Dragon Ball anime. The character models and environments are a visual treat for fans.

Expansive Roster:

Choose from a diverse roster of characters, each with their unique abilities and signature moves. From Goku and Vegeta to Frieza and Cell, the game features an array of fan-favorite fighters.

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

OS: 64bit Windows 7/8/10

Processor: Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM www.oceanofgames.software 

Graphics: GeForce GTX 650 Ti, 1 GB or  similar other brand

DirectX: Version 11 Oceanofgames

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 6 GB available space

Updated: September 29, 2023 — 7:07 am