Call Of Duty Ghosts Download Free ocean of games

Call Of Duty Ghosts Download Free ocean of games is a seminal entry in the iconic first-person shooter franchise, released in 2013 by Infinity Ward. Set in a near-future world devastated by a cataclysmic event, the game offers players a gripping narrative filled with intrigue and intense combat, while introducing the enigmatic Ghosts, an elite squad of soldiers fighting for the survival of a fragmented America. With its engaging story, diverse gameplay, and cutting-edge graphics,Call Of Duty Ghosts Download Free ocean of games carved its own niche in the series, captivating gamers with its post-apocalyptic vision and high-octane action.

Features of Call Of Duty Ghosts Download Free ocean of games

Engaging Single-Player Campaign 

The game presents a compelling and emotionally charged single-player campaign set in a post-apocalyptic world, following the story of the Ghosts, a covert team of elite soldiers. Players embark on a journey filled with plot twists and memorable characters. ocean of games

Epic Multiplayer Battles

The multiplayer mode offers a vast array of maps, customizations, and game modes, catering to both casual and competitive players. The addition of dynamic map events and the introduction of new killstreaks add an exciting layer to gameplay.

Epic Multiplayer Battles

Squads Mode

An innovative feature, Squads Mode lets players build and customize their own team of AI-controlled soldiers. This squad can be taken into various game modes, allowing for a unique multiplayer experience.

Cinematic Graphics

Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers stunning visuals with its use of next-generation gaming technology, ensuring a highly detailed and immersive gaming experience. ocean of games

Extensive Customization

Players can personalize their soldiers and weapons with a wide range of customization options, from character appearance to loadout choices.

Extensive Weapon Arsenal

The game features a diverse array of weapons and equipment, each with its own unique characteristics, enabling players to find their preferred playstyle. ocean of games

Broad Range of Game Modes

Whether you prefer classic Team Deathmatch, objective-based modes, or the intense Extinction cooperative mode, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” offers a variety of game modes to keep players engaged.

Cross-Platform Play

For the first time in the series, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” supports cross-platform play, allowing gamers to compete and cooperate with friends on different gaming platforms. ocean of games

DLC and Season Pass

The game offers additional downloadable content (DLC) and a season pass, providing new maps, game modes, and content to enhance the overall gaming experience.

DLC and Season Pass

Strong Community and eSports Support

Call of Duty: Ghosts enjoyed a dedicated fanbase and saw support for eSports competitions, contributing to its long-term appeal and competitive gaming scene. ocean of games

System Requirements

Tested on Windows 7

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHZ


Setup Size: 22.8GB

Hard Disk Space: 40GB 

Updated: October 18, 2023 — 7:06 pm