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Few games in the independent genre are able to hold players’ interest and imagination quite like “Afterimage.” This graphically amazing action-adventure game has gained a lot of popularity among players because to its special combination of captivating gameplay, gorgeous artwork, and an interesting plot. Everything you need to know about “Afterimage,” including how to get it for free, its main features, and the system requirements you must satisfy in order to play this game to the fullest, will be covered in detail in this blog post. oceanofgames


The game “Afterimage” is published by Modus Games and developed by Aurogon Shanghai. Because of its elaborate world-building and stunning hand-drawn graphics, it stands out in the independent gaming industry. The fantasy setting of the game is home to strong magic, frightening animals, and old mysteries. In this game, players assume the character of Renee, a young lady with an enigmatic history who sets out on a quest to learn the truth about the world around her.


The game “Afterimage” blends action, adventure, and platforming aspects. Gamers will discover a huge, networked world full of riddles, tough opponents, and undiscovered secrets. The focus of the game is exploration and discovery, pushing players to explore every corner of Engardin in order to solve its numerous secrets.

“Afterimage” has fast-paced combat that calls for accuracy and skill. To overcome the wide range of opponents they come across, players will need to become proficient with a variety of weapons and skills. A complex upgrade system in the game enables users to tailor Renee’s skills to their preferred style of play.

Characteristics of “Afterimage”

Several features that distinguish “Afterimage” from other games in the genre are available. these are the  features:

Style of Hand-Drawn Art

The exquisite hand-drawn artwork in “Afterimage” is among its most remarkable features. A world that is visually rich and immersive is created by the painstaking crafting of every character, adversary, and setting. Exploration of Engardin is an absolutely amazing experience because of the artwork’s meticulous attention to detail, which makes the realm come to life.

Rich and Captivating Narrative

The plot of “Afterimage” is intricately interwoven with the gameplay, providing players with an engaging tale full of turns and turns. Renee will come across a wide range of people on her adventure, each with their own backstories and objectives. The action is set against an engrossing backdrop of richly crafted game lore.

arduous warfare

The combat in “Afterimage” is meant to be difficult but rewarding. Gamers will have to become proficient with a wide range of tools and skills, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. There are many various kinds of foes in the game, ranging from easy-to-beat monsters to formidable bosses, all of whom demand unique tactics to take down.

Investigating and Finding

“Afterimage” revolves around exploration. The environment of the game is large and intricate, full of hidden places and a plethora of mysteries to be found. In order to conquer challenges and learn the truth about the world, players are urged to explore every part of Engardin.

Enhancement System “Afterimage” has a strong upgrade system that lets users alter Renee’s skills to fit their playstyle. To help them on their adventure, players can equip a variety of weapons and objects, gain new skills, and improve already-existing abilities.

Ambiance soundtrack

Another notable aspect of the game is its soundtrack, which is expertly written and perfectly matches the story and graphics. Players are drawn more into the Engardin universe by the music, which heightens the mood of the game. 

System prerequisites

OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 or a similar model


Graphics: GeForce GTX 660 or higher from NVIDIA

Version 11 of DirectX

Storage: 10 GB of space is available.

Sound Card: A sound card that works with DirectX

Updated: June 27, 2024 — 7:06 pm